At LABINDERB we are aware not only of the legal and sanitary requirements that are imposed on the manufacture of Food Supplements, but also of the quality requirements that companies and consumers desire.

We provide our customers with the most innovative technology of the sector, along with modern facilities, in order to guarantee all their needs in the development, manufacturing and packaging of products, always guaranteeing a good quality product.

To achieve this, our Quality Department ensures the correction of all stages during all the production processes.

Vials Line

The line of vials packaging is fully automated for monophasic vials as well as extemporaneous vials. The liquid phase is always under ultra-pasteurization treatment or UHT. The solid phase, in the case of the extemporaneous vials, is produced in an independent department without contact with liquids, and it is incorporated into the closed and sealed vial to avoid the absorption of water from it.

This modern technology allows packaging with an accuracy of +/- 0,5% per vial, which together with the controls carried out regularly by the operators; guarantees satisfaction with the final result.  


The capsules, in several sizes, are made automatically thanks to a modern mixing and packaging line, with computer records and automatic gravimetric filling and closing control.

The production is completed, also automatically, by polishing and brightening of the capsules.

Our operators will constantly control all the processes, thus guaranteeing the company’s rigorous quality protocols.


Line of Tablets

The high performance of this tablet manufacturing line, offers different options of formats: round or oval.

During manufacturing, tablets are subjected to constant quality controls, among which, weight, size, and hardness control stand out.

In this way, we manage produce a homogeneous tablet and without variations, according to your company and customer requirements.

Line of Blister packaging

The latest generation line of blister packaging is suitable to package different formats of tablets, capsules and pearls.

Thanks to the sensors and optical readers installed at the production line, the faulty blister packages are automatically discarded.

LABINDERB also offers the possibility of customizing the aluminium even for the smallest size of batches, since it has a flexographic printer.

Packaging line

Several counting and filling lines are located in the counting and packaging department, in which your capsules, tablets or pearls can be conditioned in a multitude of formats, obtaining a package with all the guarantees.

In this way, we achieve that each product can be introduced to the public not only with all the guarantees of hygiene and quality, but also with the most appropriate form to guarantee a presentation according to the public to whom the supplement is intended.

Syrups | Droppers

LABINDERB has just installed and validated a new packaging line for syrups and droppers, in different sizes from 50 to 500ml.

After submitting the liquid to the ultra-pasteurization or UHT process, the line, fully automated, will position the containers, dose the content, seal it by closing the cap and finally stick the label, identifying all of this thanks to the stamping of the lot and the expiry date.

The quality protocol requires regular control not only of the dosed quantity, but also of the correct labelling, as well as of the sealing of container.

R & D & i Collaboration

LABINDERB has been co-partner in many Research, Development and Innovation (R & D & i) processes with numerous companies. We are aware of the added value that all these processes constitute for the final product, so we collaborate actively in the processes proposed by our customers. A proof of this is the Award as an INNOVATIVE SME awarded to LABINDERB by the Ministry of Economy and Competitiveness.


On many occasions, a big project encounters barriers when it comes to putting it into practice.

The Technical Department of LABINDERB offers all its experience, acquired over many years of serious and professional work, and to give shape to that project that your company has, avoiding the difficulties that a priori may be present.

Proof of this is that LABINDERB does not manufacture any product in series, but adapts itself to the needs of its client, sharing the concerns and always proposing viable solutions.