LABINDERB has obtained the ISO 22000, GMP and HACCP certificates.

These certifications mean that LABINDERB Ltd. has established, documented, implemented and certified the Food Safety Management System and, therefore, the Food Supplements that it manufactures and packages. This system continuously improves its efficiency, in accordance with the UNE-EN ISO 22000 requirement in force. Likewise, it is certified with the GMP – Food Grade or Recommended International Code of Practices – General principles of Food Hygiene according to Codex Alimentarius. It also correctly complies with the Hazard Analysis System and Critical Control Points (HACCP or APPCC). All of this implies constant audits and revisions, both internally and externally. The latter are carried out by both the certifying entities and the Spanish health authorities in agreement with the regulations in force.

In accordance with our Food Safety Policy, the scope of this Management System is applicable to the activity of manufacturing, processing, packaging and import of food supplements (RGSEAA: 26.05528/V), developed in our facilities, at Rótova.

All of these certifications are synonymous with a total guarantee of hygiene and quality, since LABINDERB:

  • Identifies, evaluates and controls the hazards related with the harmlessness of Food Supplements.
  • Provides its customers and suppliers with all the necessary information related to safety.
  • Communicates to all workers of the company all the information related to the development, implementation and updating of the system.

On the other hand, LABINDERB has certified production lines for the production of Biological or Organic Food Supplements. Thus, the company is part of the Committee of Organic Agriculture of the Valencian Community, European Community Control Authority Code ES-ECO-020-CV.

Certified GMPCertified ISO 22000

Finally, and thanks to the vocation for the constant improvement of our products, and with the aim of studying new raw materials and dosage forms, LABINDERB is listed by the General Directorate of Innovation and Competitiveness as an INNOVATIVE SME, as recognition of the numerous R & D & i projects carried out for their subsequent application in the products of our clients.