12 years ago, LABINDERB inaugurated new facilities, in order to offer the maximum guarantee of quality and hygiene. With the entire production carried out exclusively in WHITE DEPARTMENTS, and all the products being analysed before leaving our facilities in the ANALYSIS LABORATORY, we guarantee standardization and hygiene of the production process.

If to these facts, we add a constant investment in technological resources both in machinery and quality control, we obtain a coupling of efficiency and guarantee of punctuality in the delivery of the orders.

Quality is the first premise in LABINDERB, and therefore, all the production departments dispose of the best elements of quality control of the process, in order to guarantee the correct production throughout the production and packaging process.

LABINDERB counts with 3 extensive production departments: LIQUID, SOLID FORMS AND CONDITIONING, to which must added the TECHNICAL DEPARTMENT that encompasses the R & D & i, DEVELOPMENT, PRODUCTION AND QUALITY departments.


In the automated line for the Production of liquids, only purified water is used, and the homogenization is carried out in closed reactors with gravimetric controls of the raw materials added. Before being shipped to the different packaging areas, all liquids are submitted to a UHT or Ultra-pasteurization treatment, which unlike conventional pasteurization does not degrade the active principles.

Through a hermetic duct system, previously disinfected with steam under pressure, the liquids are sent to the packing department of vials or syrups, where they will be constantly shaken during the whole process of packaging, to guarantee the homogeneity of the product during the whole process.

The hygiene and disinfection of the machinery and conduits used in the manufacture of the liquid forms, is executed through an automatic System or CIP, being verified its effectiveness by means of microbiological tests.


LABINDERB counts with machinery for the production of Single-dose vials, both monophasic and biphasic for extemporaneous solution.

In the case of production of biphasic vials which must be recomposed at the moment of intake, the contact of the powder of the solid phase with the liquid does not occur at any time, inasmuch as the solid phase has been elaborated and closed in the solid production line, with the purpose of avoiding the water absorption by themselves.


Recently installed and validated by the Technical Department, the new packaging machine of syrups and droppers, allows to dose in different volumes, from 50 to 500ml. LABINDERB offers a fully automated line, including the automatic bottle loading, where not only high dosing reliability is achieved, but also high economic competitiveness in all types of production.



The production of solids usually begins in the weighing department. By means of a counterbalanced control system, the correct dosage is guaranteed.

The homogenization of these will be carried out in a mixer suited to the volume of mixed powder.


LABINDEB counts with a department specialized in the production of tablets, offering a variety of sizes and dimensions.


The capsule line has the latest technology in the filling of capsules of different sizes, being able to pack powder mixtures, granulated forms or delayed absorption pellets, in a wide variety of capsule sizes, both of animal and vegetable origin.


The Primary Conditioning is carried out in the same conditions as the production that is, in white clean departments and performing quality controls throughout the process.

In this way, we guarantee the rigorous hygiene control until the container is closed, thus the supplement maintains the perfect conditions until it reaches to the final consumer.

After the primary conditioning, if the client so desires, the packing, arrangement of accessories, leaflets, etc., and the packaging of the product will be performed.


LABINDERB has a large packaging department, where the capsules, tablets and pearls will be correctly set up in several formats.

In order to facilitate the aluminium customization, we count with a flexographic printer suitable for small batches, so that the amount of aluminium to be printed will no longer be a conditioner in not very large lots.


With the purpose to offer a wide variety of formats, in the counting department we can package the solid forms in jars with different sizes and types of closure.