Dear Customer,

We wish to inform you that at LABINDERB, S.L. we have implemented a series of measures aimed at adapting as far and as quickly as possible to the exceptional state of affairs we are currently witnessing in our country.

Therefore, following the guidelines of the World Health Organization (WHO), the national health authorities and our own Prevention Service in our Technical & Quality Department, in coordination with other company s departments, and from Management, we have put in place our Emergency Situation Work Procedure to guarantee at all times the safety of our entire human resources team while we continue to maintain the safety of the products we manufacture pursuant to our corporate policies.


Some of these measures are:

  • Reinforced cleaning and disinfection of our facilities.
    Daily disinfection of accesses to our various facilities, equipment and facilities in communal use.
  • Strengthened access control to our facilities, with temperature controls for all personnel as they arrive.
  • Elaboration and application of COVID-19 Prevention Measures Protocols for all employees: maximum separation between workstations, distribution of staff in rotating shifts, limitation of access to rest areas and changing rooms, etc.
  • These protocols also apply to external maintenance personnel or specialists (minimizing visits from externals), for the reception of raw materials and warehousing (rigorous protocol for deliveries and disinfection of unloaded material).
  • Promotion of teleworking in all positions where this is compatible.

From LABINDERB, S.L., we want to emphasise that we are following the evolution of the COVID-19 situation carefully, adopting all the necessary protection measures so that our company can continue to operate as we apply our normal quality and food safety standards with even more care and concern. Our aim is to continue to provide our clients and customers with all the personalised attention they should require, while prioritising  employee and product safety.

We are sure this situation will soon be over, and that we will come through successfully. At LABINDERB, S.L. we can assure you that we are making huge efforts and will continue to do so to offer you the highest quality and the best service. We wish to remind you that we are at your service for any questions or requirements you may have, at the following email address:

We will keep you updated on the situation and provide further information and recommendations in due course. Thank you for your continued trust and confidence.

Yours faithfully,

Company Management